I love yahoo answers holy fuck 
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the only thing vine is good for is jerome jarre’s vines. he’s a french guy living in new york and he just likes to make people smile he’s the cutest thing ever

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Casual reminder that these are ACTUAL Supernatural episode names:


  • children shouldn’t play with dead things
  • are you there, god? it’s me, dean winchester
  • it’s the great pumpkin, sam winchester
  • criss angel is a douche bag
  • i believe the children are our future
  • live free or twi-hard
  • clap your hands if you believe
  • my heart will go on
  • shut up, dr. phil
  • slash fiction
  • season 7, time for a wedding!
  • adventures in babysitting,
  • plucky pennywhistle’s magical menagerie
  • the girl with the dungeons and dragons tattoo

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